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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Jul 06 - 09 2022
  • Time: All Day


IFEMA North Convention Center, Madrid
IFEMA North Convention Center, Madrid

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Jul 06 - 09 2022


All Day

EASST2022, Politics of technoscientific futures

Find the partners of the JUST2CE project during the event EASST2022, Politics of technoscientific futures in Madrid, from July 6th to 9th.

EASST2022 is the European Association for the Study of Science and Technology. Established in 1981 it is the organization which represents academics and researchers in the fields of science and technology studies, the social analysis of innovation and related areas of knowledge. It brings together a variety of disciplines and many of its members have qualifications in both natural science/engineering and social sciences.

More details on the program and on the presentations and moderations of our partners:

7th July – 11.00 – 12.30

Room N118 – Panel 020: Situating ethics: how normativity shapeshifts as technoscience transmogrifies
Moderated by Tess Doezema (University of Vigo, partner of JUST2CE)

As technoscientific developments and practices are taken up and adapted in new contexts, how do normative frameworks of governance and social values move with them? Debates tend to focus on whether there exists or should exist a special domain of ethics for certain technologies, for example nano-ethics (Swiestra and Rip 2007) or AI/ML (Greene et al. 2019). While some look at traveling models more generally (Pfotenhauer and Jasanoff 2017; Delvenne and Rosscamp 2021), STS has paid less attention to how ethical, moral, political, or other normative frameworks travel alongside or depart from technoscientific developments as they move from one space to another.

8th July | 14:00 – 15:30

Room N115 – Panel 096. Changing economies of ecological transformation
Moderated by Maddalena Ripa (UAB, partner of JUST2CE)

During the session, two presentations will be delivered by Josep Pinyol (ABIS) and Maddalena Ripa (UAB):

201. Assesing the economic performance of the circular economy: approaches and case studies
(Josep Pinyol Alberich)
414. Geographies of circular economy: towards a just transition based on humility
(Maddalena Ripa)

9TH July | 10:00 – 11:30
Room N110 – Closed panel 24.Responsible future-making practices: opportunities, tensions and possibilities
Moderated by Mario Pansera (University of Vigo, JUST2CE partner), Hannot Rodríguez, Sergio Urueña.

Research and innovation initiatives and practices are strongly influenced by the envisioning and mobilization of socio-technical futures. The epistemological and political governance of science and technology is de facto grounded in the expectations, sociotechnical imaginaries and techno visions that constitutively permeate the dynamics of progress.

Mario Pansera will be moderating the session and presenting the “Framing anticipation in a post-growth innovation era”.

More information:

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